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Smart Society Management

Effortlessly manage your society’s safety, operations, staff and visitors.


Significant Features of the Proud Residence Application

Proud Residence app comes with all the needed features for managing everything in your apartment and society. Now, simplify all your society management efforts through our exclusive application.

Facility Booking

Book society amenities online and check its accessibility

Community Group

Connect with society members, residents & administrators

Visitor Management

Enable guest entries by their QR code and register visitors

Vehicle Management

Online vehicle registration & get details by scanning license plate

Society Helpdesk

Get contact details of electricians, plumbers or servants

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time notifications on society stakeholder decisions

Photo Gallery

Get society event pictures, share and comment on it

Instant Poll

Submit votes via online polling for society decisions

Complain box

Notify complaints & get its updates via mail notifications

Notice Board

Converse society news via email, SMS & app notifications


Remain informed of society events via mail notifications

Staff Management

Manage and notify staff attendances by scanning their QR codes

Affordable for Everyone

It costs even less than a cup of your morning tea or coffee. Please connect with us for a swift and tailored application quote for your apartment or society.

Check It for Free

Check the app for your society without any payment or commitment

Unlimited Users

No boundary or additional charge on number of people using the app

Boundless Devices

No restriction or added charges on number of devices used for app access


about us.

Proud Residence is an online society management application which is utilized by leading apartments and societies to their benefit for valuable society administration. It offers comprehensive functionalities and features for enabling society amenities as well as communications for all types of societies.

Further, the app facilitates society members with real-time alerts on taking imperative society decisions, stakeholder interactions, planning future events that can be accessed by your Management Committee, Resident Welfare Association (RWA), Apartment Association, and other Apartment Owners. Every society member can stay in touch with all the other society members, residents, and administrators for well-organized society decision-making.


Our focus

Connecting each society or apartment member to all aspects of a residential community, bringing in collaboration, comfort, safety, and better decision-making
Facility Booking

Book and confirm society amenities online as well as check its availability dates. as well

Vehicle Management

Register vehicle online for your society and find the owner by scanning its license plate.

Society Helpdesk

Get the details of vital contacts like Electrician, Plumber, and Servants form this app.

Complain Box

Raise your voice, notify complaints to admin and stay updated on actions via mail notification.


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Are you a Society Secretary, Chairman, Builder, Property Manager or Agent managing Apartments/Society?

If Yes, Do have a look at our Proud Residence Application - it is completely tailor-made for you!


What Our Clients and Users Speak About Proud Residence Application

“The app proved to be an effective system for our society. The functionalities proved to be very useful for society members and the application project team has been highly supportive as well. I wish all the very best to Team Proud Residence.”

Niraj Patel

Society Secretary



We are proud to be allied with societies and apartments which are planning to digitize their physical processes. Some of our esteemed clients are:

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